One beige and one blue teapot on a white table against a black background.
Image: Teapots by Ching Ming Chen. Photo courtesy of Overdue Studio

Contemporary Asian Craftmanship Thirst

BTWNLNS & Overdue Studio

Overdue Studio and independent Newtown bookstore BTWNLNS present Thirst, an exhibition highlighting contemporary Asian craftmanship and culture. Featuring 100 handcrafted wares by contemporary designers from Japan, Taiwan and Korea embracing ceramics as a response to single-use, throw-away culture.

During Sydney Design Week, BTWNLNS will host three workshops.

The Art of Japanese Tea Ceremony with Wendy Lin

Saturday 17 September
11–11.30 am  |  1–1.30 pm  |  2–2.30 pm

The Japanese Tea Ceremony, known as Chado or Sado in Japanese (The Way of Tea). Certified tea master Wendy Lin leads a tea ceremony.

Bookings required. Tickets are limited. $10

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Chinese Tea Appreciation with Topotea

Sunday 18 September
11–11.30 am  |  1–1.30 pm  |  2–2.30 pm

Originating in the tea houses of the Fujian and Chaoshan regions of southern China, Gongfu Cha, ‘skilful tea-making’, consists of the ritual brewing and presentation of tea. Each session is $10.

11–11.30 am
Tasting of the world’s six types of original leaf tea.

1–1.30 pm
Chinese Gong Fu tea ceremony (Chao Zhou Style).

Session 3
2–2.30 pm
Chinese tea master demonstration of the formal way to brew loose tea using hand-crafted Gai Wan or small hand-crafted Gong Fu teapot.

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Art Kintsugi Workshop with Yoko Kawada

Wednesday 21 September
12.30–4 pm

Kintsugi is a century-old Japanese craft where broken ceramic objects are glued back together using natural lacquer and finished in gold.

The Art Kintsugi workshop teaches the fundamentals of the practice, following 7 steps using accessible materials and tools, along with Kintsugi history, philosophy and design possibilities.

Bookings required. Tickets are limited. $130

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